Tucson: likes and dislikes


I tried something new with my training and this winter I have spent the past two months getting in a great base (tan) in sunny Tucson, Arizona.

For those of you that are wondering, here is what gets two thumbs up about Tucson:

It’s 80 and Sunny. Every day.
Great outdoor swimming pools.
University of Arizona Ford Aquatics swim program.
Array of training partners to choose from: Hillary Biscay, Maiki Twelsiek, Benny Hoff, Sam McGlone, camp PurplePatch.... just to name a few.
Having Chris Corbin & Madison in tow.
Mt. Lemmon - a 6,000’ climb with a giant cookie at the top.
Mt. Lemmon (again) for best decent ever.
Killer tacos & Mexican food. I heart guacamole.
Frost Gelato.
Saks 5th Avenue Outlet.
Cheap cost of living.
Killer trail running.

And here is what gets two thumbs down about Tucson:

No fishing.
Cracks & potholes in the road.
I’m not used to locking my front door.
You can’t bring Madison with you everywhere as it gets too hot in the truck.
Parking tickets are $173 more than in Montana.
I’m a coffee snob.
It’s not Montana-Made.
Where’s the water?
My CLIF Mojo bars melt on a long ride.
Careful where you squat on that trail run, hello cacti!
Javelina’s aren’t nearly as cute as I thought they’d be.

I’ve got 10 more days left here in Tucson Training Paradise. I am looking forward to making the most of it before heading to Oceanside to kick off the year.

Happy training! Make it count.

linsey corbin