Stocking up!

I thought I’d give everyone a peak into our newly stocked refrigerator - because lets be honest, eating makes up half of my job as a pro triathlete. We’ve got to eat to train & eat to recover.

Here’s a grocery list of some of the Corbin staples.

Fruits & Veggies (I hit this section first, every time I go to the store)
Spinach - great source for Iron
Avocado - healthy fat
Tomatoes - loaded with healthy lycopene
Bell peppers - actually a fruit, has twice as much Vtiamin C than an orange
Mushrooms - yum!
Green onions - high in vitamin C
Cabbage - red or green to give salad a crunch
Sprouts - great addition to sandwiches
Broccoli - come from the Latin word brachium, which means “arm”.
Cilantro - great salad addition
Fresh basil - love it in pasta or curry
Apples - one a day!
Oranges - quick snack
Lemon & Limes - great way to season/marinate
Blueberries - love it in yogurt
Grapes - quick snack
Frozen mixed berries - great addition to oatmeal

1% milk - Calcium to make you strong like bull
Chocolate milk - my favorite recovery drink
Keifer - goes great on granola
Plain greek yogurt - just add honey & fruit
Feta, sharp cheddar & dubliner cheese - I really love cheese
Cottage cheese - great source or protein. Watch the sodium content!

Whole roasting chicken - we try to roast one a week and eat off of it for a few days
Ground bison - lean meat choice
Cornish game hens - great on the grill
Bacon - this is the real deal
Eggs - I eat about 3 a day
Chicken sausage - great addition for easy meals
Canned albacore tuna packed in water

Whole wheat bread
Whole grain english muffins
Whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread - top with peanut butter pre-run
Couscous - takes only a few minutes to cook
Quinoa - great source of carbohydrates & proteins, use it just like rice or try it for breakfast
Brown rice pasta
Frozen Nature’s Path waffles

Agave - just like honey
Peanut butter - all natural, just peanuts
Almond butter - all natural, just almonds
Cereal - I like Puffins for a quick snack w/berries
Black beans
Fresh olives
Blue corn chips - paired w/salsa or guacamole = my favorite snack!
Cholula hot sauce
Peanut butter filled pretzels - my weakness
Dark chocolate - a must have
Pellegrino water
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Balsamic vinegar
Mixed nuts
Coke zero - this has saved me from many a hard workouts
Big Sky Brew - Cowboy Coffee Porter is our beer of choice right now
Coffee - I brought in Black Coffee from Missoula, MT
Green tea