Tempo Training in Tucson

It’s time for my monthly video. A tempo run session done at the track in Tucson, Arizona in preparation for this weekends Oceanside 70.3 event.

Besides enjoying this video, you can also replicate the session yourself thanks to Matt Dixon.

Warm up - 15-20 minutes

Easy jogging to loosen up the legs. Low heart rate.

Goal: get the blood flowing

Drills + Strides - 15 minutes

High knees

Skipping for height

Skipping for distance

Skipping A’s

Butt kickers

End with 4-6 strides - time to “open the engine!”

Goal: focus on perfect form and obtaining a quick turnover

Main Set - 30 minutes

15 minutes of tempo running at approx. 15” slower than goal race pace (for 70.3)

recovery jog of one lap

15 minutes of tempo running at approx. 15” faster than goal race race (for 70.3)

Goal: work on pacing, finding a rhythm, maintain a quick turnover, sweat it out!

***This session can easily be done on pavement or a treadmill - I chose to use the track for pacing purposes***

See you at Oceanside! Thanks for tuning in.