How to spend a mid-season break


Wow. Where the heck did I go?

On a mid-season break, that is where! Earlier this year I decided I wanted to race all the way into November again. I knew a mid-season break would be in order to make this happen. Working with the Matt Dixon plan, he works us hard, but rests us hard as well. The rest is key to making me a faster and better athlete. It also frees up time to enjoy all that summer has to offer in Montana.

July has come (and nearly gone) and I have been a busy bee. Pretty much I have taken a break from structured training, fattened myself up (as much as a bean-pole triathlete can fatten up!), extended my social calendar past 9pm, indulged in tasty treats & a few adult beverages, and been enjoying all the Missoula, Montana has to offer in the summer. Love it!

The good news is: I am back! Training has been productive the past week. I am headed to the Calgary 70.3 on Thursday to test the legs out and do what I love, race!

Sunday I stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in the Montana State Road Racing Championships. I was looking for an 80 mile training ride in Missoula. All of Team Montana had managed to disappear to weddings, Europe, visits to family, and vacation. This left me one option: the road race. I gladly accepted the challenge as it was taking place in one of my favorite parts of Montana: in the Pintlar Mountain Range. Not only did the terrain suit my strengths, but there was excellent fishing and camping. This was a perfect combo for Team Corbin!!

I don’t do much road racing, but the few races I have done have been a blast. My goals for the race were to:
1. Ride with the best women in the state.
2. Get a great workout (watts baby, watts!)
3. Be challenged
4. Spend some time with Chris Corbin doing the things we love - camping, fishing, relaxing

All of the above happened. The race suited my strengths with a long course (80 miles), several climbs (including Flint Pass), hot weather, and stiff competition. I wish I could say I “Schleck-ed” ‘em all - but it was not that pretty. One of Montana’s best talents, Amy Fryckman and I were able to get away from the field about 30 miles into the race. We took turns with tempo efforts making sure we stayed away from the competition. Coming up the final big climb into a stiff headwind I was able to tempo my way away from Amy and was left with a solo 20 mi TT effort into the finish. Amy kept me riding for dear life as I did not want to be caught. At the end of the day I was pretty pumped to cross the line in first. Montana State Road Race Champ!

And let me tell you, I was a hurting unit after it was all said and done. Bike racing is a tough workout! A big thank you to those that put on the race and support Montana road racing. While we may not host the largest race fields, those that race are competitive, gritty and tough.

As for the fishing race report, it was a great day to be Chris Corbin and the pup, Madison.

I am looking forward to starting back this weekend in Calgary. Its going to be a fun one! Thanks for stopping by!


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