Chris Corbin reports in


Calgary 70.3 Race Report- (From Chris Corbin’s Perspective)

I bring a fly rod to every race. I’ve even caught a blue fin trevally on the fly the night before the world championships in Kona. Although some races fish better than others; Calgary and the Bow River is one of the best. I was crushed when this race didn’t show up on Linsey’ s original 2010 race schedule. Luckily, some strategic talk (begging) made Linsey a late entry for the Calgary 70.3. Here’s how it went down:

Day 1- Thursday - 7/29
11:30 am - Left Missoula with smiles on our faces and an ipod full of podcasts.
10:30 pm - Arrived in Calgary, tired but much smarter from all the podcasts.

Day 2- Friday -7/30
5:45 am - Set out on bike (fly rod in hand) for the mighty Bow River.
7:30 am - Landed a nice rainbow trout.
9:00 am - Tim Hortons (donut shop) - This place is redonkulus!
9:30 am - I actually worked the remainder of the day. I know you envisioned me pounding beers, eating potato chips, and watching CMT videos all day in the hotel room, but I needed to get some work done, so I could spend Saturday on the river.
6:00 pm - Attended pro meeting and press conference. I am a big fan of Lisa Bentley, Dave Cracknell and Don Ryder. Great people.

Day 3 - Saturday - 7/31
9:00 am - Tim Hortons - Dang this place is good!
10:00 am - Stopped by the fly shop for fishing report and float trip information.
12:15 pm - Launched drift boat with good fishing buddies and super fans Doug and Alison Best- also known as Orvis Regional Business Manager and owner of Mountain River Lanyards. Fishy folks and great friends.
4:15 pm - Accidentally missed our determined boat take-out and rerouted our shuttle to the next take out 6 KM downstream. No, not on purpose. Meanwhile, Linsey was resting up at the hotel.
5:00 pm - Landed a 19 inch brown trout. Nice fish.
7:15 pm - Carbo loaded with an Albino Rhino Pale Ale for a big day of race day tweeting.

Day 4 - Sunday 8/1
3:45 am - Wow, this race started early. I hadn’t woke up this early since last steelhead fishing season.
4:15 am - En route to the race start and Linsey realized she forgot her bike shoes, back to the hotel. Doug drove like Ricky Bobby.
5:15 am - Sent my first tweet.
6:00 am - Swim start.
6:15 am - Looked for fish from the Ghost Lake Bridge. Also watched the swim.
8:00 am - Got all the blood sucked out of my body by mosquitoes on the bike course.
8;10 am - “I am cold!” - Linsey Corbin
8:30 am - Tim Hortons - I scored three breakfast sandwiches, 10 Tim Bits, and a cup of joe for 10 bucks.
9:00 am - Linsey entered T2 about 6 minutes down on the lead and 3 minutes back of the podium.
10:20 am - Linsey ran her way into 3rd. Grit and Grace - that’s my girl!!
10:30 am - I handed Linsey her cowboy hat.
11:00 am - I sent my last tweet.
3:00 pm - I negotiated my way out of awards for one last float on the mighty Bow River with Doug Best. My wife rocks.

Day 5 - Monday 8/2
6:00am - Tim Hortons. I’m really going to miss that place.
2:30pm - Arrived Home.

I’m already negotiating for a Corbin Calgary 70.3 appearance in 2011. I love that race.

Thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors that are making our dreams a reality. You know who you are.