I have had a few weeks to reflect on my special day at IMCDA.

Unfortunately, I got pretty sick after the race. Last week I took one for the team and got on antibiotics. It was rough. Rather than enjoying myself post-Ironman, I spent the 4th of July laid up in bed. Leading up to the race I had day dreams involving the river, enjoying icy-cold Big Sky Brews in a can, camping, sunshine. None of this really happened :(.

I couldn’t not include a post on the awesome support crew that aided in my IMCDA win! So, here it is. Team Corbin goes well beyond the Chris, Linsey & Madison show. Some of the highlights include:

My remarkably eclectic Missoula training crew. Missoula is a crazy place. There really must be something in the water. I have surrounded myself with some of the most laid-back, bad-to-the-bone, insanely fun, athletically talented, loyal, motivating & inspiring friends. Most of us have been friends since I moved here in 2001. We share a special bond that keeps us all together here. We call ourselves “Team Montana”. Having Team Montana together on race day was a memory I won’t forget anytime soon.

Doug & Ali Best. Doug & Al date all the way back PT. Pre-Triathlon. They owned the coffee house. I was the barista. One day after work we all went fishing. The rest is history. Ali is my little angel, always filling me up with good karma and prayers. They watched my first Ironman in 2006 and were there to see my first win. It doesn’t get more special than that!

Team Hutter. I met the Hutters about 2 years ago. They are my official Coeur D’ Alene family. I share a special bond with little homeslice, Chloe. She’s a crazy fast and cool runner and I can relate. I have never had a little brother, but if I did, Pete Hutter would be ideal. Pete was also the 2nd place biker for the Ironman, so I got to stare at his cool cruiser and back for 17 miles. So cool! You should have seen him taking aide from the aide stations. Too funny! Sue, smiley Sue! She is the momma bear of the family and always puts a smile on my face. Then poppa bear Mike. He is so positive, cooks tasty food and a boat load of fun. Plus he loves to fish.

Super-star sponsors. I was lucky to have some of my best sponsors alongside me at CDA. Zipp & SRAM. Trigger Point. FSA. Oakley. Tom Robertson took killer photos. Big Sky Brewing threw up the first ever triathlon tailgate. Carrie from Saucony, and Mike were there to see it all. I am so thankful.

Missy Mere + the Purplepatch family. I started working with Matt Dixon last October. In November, Matt introduced me to Mighty Mere. I knew she was a mighty one when I couldn’t shake her off my wheel climbing the BoFax climb in the Bay Area. Bugger! She is one tough chickie. She is also as thoughtful, genuine, and positive as you can find. I am blessed to call her my friend, training partner, and now a close competitor as she nearly took her first Ironman win. Meredith finished second behind me at Coeur d’Alene. I wish all Ironman finishes could be this memorable. The energy we shared as she came down that finish chute was just *bliss*! I predict Missy Mere will win an Ironman within the year - she’s a special one.

Ma & Pa Pickell. My parents are just so cool. They are like fine wine - getting better with age. Everywhere on the course my mom was doing jumping jacks so excited to see me. My dad was just as pumped as I was. I blew kisses at them on the bike. My parents have provided me with a work ethic to boot. They inspire me to become a better person. And there love is unreal. It was so special to have them there to witness my first Ironman win.

Lastly,Chris Corbin. A triathlon wouldn’t be a triathlon without twitter updates from Chris. CC is my rock and I wouldn’t be writing this today without him. He has taught me to shoot for the stars, be relentless, and that all things are possible.

Thanks for reading. Now, onto the next one: Calgary 70.3!!