Ironman Hawaii: 2016

photo credit:  Witsup  / Stef Hanson 

photo credit: Witsup / Stef Hanson 

I raced my 10th Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii on Saturday where I notched my 9th top-15 placing - crossing the line in 13th place. Thankful for opportunity


As most of my supporters know, I sat on the sidelines for much of 2015 with a stress fracture in my femur. The biggest lesson I gained from this “injury sabbatical” is perspective. While I have always have had appreciation for all of the good things Sport brings into my life. I had an important switch in mindset. Rather than getting down and out about the hard days or parts that come with being a professional athlete, I learned to embrace them and be thankful for the challenges. The challenges are what provide you the opportunity to grow, to learn, to be resilient, to see what you are made of. Thus: “thankful for opportunity” came along. To me, opportunity now comes in the form of a hard workout, a challenging interval, navigating through a rough patch in life, or handling a subpar race result.  It has become my “safety phrase” in that I am able to embrace all of the good days and at the same time I have found comfort in the hard moments as well.


With that said I am thankful for the many opportunities presented to me at this years Ironman World Championships.


There were parts of my race that I nailed and I am quite happy about. There were also parts that I am left feeling disappointed about. I guess that’s why Ironman Hawaii is deemed the hardest endurance event on the planet. I think the biggest challenge (for me personally) is being as best prepared as you possibly can be, and just not delivering a performance you feel you are capable of. 


My favorite moments in Ironman are the challenging parts late into the marathon where you really get to “drain the tank” and see what you are made of. I relish (and often thrive) in these moments. For some reason I just wasn’t able to tap into that place on Saturday. 


All we can do from here is learn, motivate, move on and be thankful for the opportunity to test myself against the best in the World. I guess the thing that drives me is knowing that next year, we get another chance. 


I felt so supported leading into the race. Sponsors providing me with five star support + the best gear on the market, My family traveled to the race to cheer me on. Notes and well wishes from friends near and far. Jay Dicharry keeping me healthy, strong + training consistently. My coach, Jesse, ensuring everything possible to keep me prepared. Finally, Chris, who remains my everything. It takes a team and I am so thankful for all of you.  


Lastly, thank you Hawaii, for giving me the opportunity to race, to learn, to run under your infamous Banyan tree to the finish on Ali’i Drive, to feel challenged and most importantly for the opportunity to continue to dream. 


Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting. Stay tuned as I close out my season this weekend in Aruba, at the inaugural Challenge Aruba 1/2 Ironman. 


linsey corbin


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