70.3 World Championships: Short & Sweet

photo credit: @koruptvision 

photo credit: @koruptvision 

Hello -

I just wanted to give a quick update as I raced the 70.3 Worlds Championships last weekend in Mooloolaba, Australia. 

I was really looking forward to lining up for this race. After being sidelined for all of last year, when I qualified for both the 70.3 & the Ironman World Championships, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to race either event. I love testing myself against the best in the world. My big goal, if things went according to plan, was a top-10 finish last weekend. 

My body had other things in mind for me. I came down with food poisoning 10 days before the race. Apparently bad chicken = campylobacter bacteria infection. I did everything I could to right the ship - but as things go, there are some things we don't have control over. My GI system came as good as it was going to be within 24 hours of the race. Honestly? I am happy I got the opportunity to race, as Wednesday of race week, things were looking bleak. 

Overall, my performance on paper looks a bit blah. I finished 16th place. However, my eye remains on the prize: Ironman Hawaii. Before getting sick, my training had been going just great. I believe I am in a great place for a great Ironman race (my true love!), and now is the time to capitalize on that. A year ago, I would have given anything to be preparing for the Ironman World Champs - and so, here I am! 

This will be my 10th time racing in Kona as a professional, and I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity. Until then, my head is down as I finish up my final few weeks of preparations. 

Thanks so much for the support! See you in Hawaii.