Tales from the Yellow Brick Road

Its been a wild two weeks for Linsey Corbin!

Not one to shy away from fear, pain, challenges and stiff competition I spent the past two weekends racing the two reigning world champions in two half-Ironman events 5 days apart. Each race presented itself with a unique story to share - so we will take this one entry at a time.

First up was race #1, which was always on my docket: the Kansas 70.3.

I raced here in 2008 and had the opportunity to see what Lawrence is all about. The town itself is charming with all sorts of great cafes, restaurants, shops and a community with hospitality to boot. Everyone in town is so friendly and excited to have the triathletes in town. The course itself suits my strengths: hot and hilly. Yes, hilly. I am pretty sure every hill in the state of Kansas managed to find its way to this course.

The other exciting thing about racing this year was that Chrissie Wellington (who needs no introduction, but in case you missed it, she is the current World Champion) would be starting as well. I love the opportunity to stack myself up against the best in hopes that it will bring out the best in me. Chrissie did not disappoint and truth be told, she pretty much made beef wellington out of the rest of the womens competition. It was impressive.

Unfortunately, not many other women had the same desire to match themselves up against Chrissie. This made for a small womens field, which really altered the dynamic of the race. I swam alone and excited the water in a lonely third place.

Out onto the bike and the day would remain much the same. My legs were missing there normal zippity-zap, which I attribute to the bulk of my Ironman training. Thank goodness for the two out-and-backs on the hilly course or it would have just been me, the Kansas country-side along with some hereford cattle.

The run in Kansas was particularly fun as it is two loops that are really spectator friendly. It was chock full of cheering families and friends that encouraged me every step of the way. Thanks to all of you! Sitting in a comfortable third place I knew I didn’t have much to loose. It would be a tall ask to get myself into second place as I was 10 minutes down on Pip Taylor. Looking for a bit more of that zippity-zap I slipped into my ruby red Saucony slippers and made it a goal to get the time gap to second as small as I could. I ticked off the miles and narrowed the lead but in the end I ran across the yellow-brick-road finish line in 3rd place.

This was a great event and I was really thankful to have Chris’ family come and cheer me on for the race. Bill and Sally Corbin have become quite the super fans and there support is endless and we always have a good time.

I was really happy to notch another podium finish for myself but the celebrations didn’t last long. Both my coach, Matt Dixon, and I knew that I had a better performance in me. I returned home on Monday and super coach had concocted the “Dirty Dixon Double” during my travels. I have always had fond memories of the Boise 70.3 race and would love to take the title at this race. Within the day tickets were booked, entries were filled and I made the last minute decision to jump into the Boise 70.3 to take on the other reigning World Champ, Julie Dibens.

Who loves a little spontaneity? I do! I do!

More to come later this week.
Thanks for reading,