Montana living

It’s been a fun week to be in Montana!

Over the weekend I participated in my once annual bike race. It was a blast and lived up to true bike racing in Montana fashion. The women’s field was small, so we got to race with the Cat 4/5 men - which ended up being a lot of fun. The nearly 60 mile road race covered 2 significant climbs: Flecher Pass to 6,000’ and then the final climb to the Great Divide ski hill. This was Montana racing at its finest with a dirt uphill finish and hail in your face. I was lucky enough to get on with 4 men at the top of Flecher pass and we worked our way back to the resort. Bike racing is a stark contrast from Ironman triathlon racing. Much higher intensity that requires a lot more attention to detail about what is going on around you. I felt I did a great job representing for the triathlon contingent and gained some great fitness and memories from the race.

Back in Missoula, it has been typical Spring training. One day we are in shorts and “getting golden” riding bikes around town, and the next minute it is sleeting sideways on the run trails. This is what makes me “Montana Made” and I wouldn’t change it at all.

It has been fun training with a lot of my friends that are migrating back to town. With Matt Dixon’s new training plan, I have also been allowed more time for non-triathlon fun (can you say fishing with Chris Corbin?). My friend Adam commented to me the other day how much more laid back I seem this year. Happy off the course, makes you happy on the course. I would say this is correct and it is showing in my training, so it is good to be enjoying Montana and all it offers.

Finally, since my return to the carnivore side of life, I have a new appreciation for bison! Bison was a meat I was eager to try as they are raised free-range on Montana grass. Also, they are not subjected to questionable drugs, chemicals or hormones. From a nutritional standpoint, bison is extremely lean as well as high in protein and iron. So far my favorite has been bison burgers - prepared similar to a beef burger, only cooked at a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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