And that’s a wrap…


Two posts in one week - are you holding onto your hats? I guess that’s what happens when you have time “off” - you get to catch up on things. I wanted to share that my 2014 season is in the books.

I have had several notes asking if I’d be at Ironman Arizona - a staple of mine from 2009-2012. The answer is no, which is good and bad. The bad news is no, I am not racing, and that’s kind of hard. I love to race. I love that race. And I felt a bit (okay, a lot, not a bit) lack-luster after Ironman Kona. It’s tempting to push ahead and get one last opportunity to “drain the tank.” The good news is, the reason I am not racing is by choice - it’s not an injury that’s making the decision for me. It’s me, listening to my coach, believing in his plan, and respecting my body for all it did in 2014 (which is a whole lot of awesomeness!)

I am looking ahead to 2015, focusing on what’s best for me, and not being greedy.

I set out in 2104 with three big goals in mind: settling in with a new training plan (thanks, Jesse!) and racing Ironman Los Cabos - check! Returning to Ironman Austria and getting the most out of myself - check! And Ironman Hawaii was my “North Star” - half a check.

I know my body, and feel thankful for all it provided me with this year. It was healthy, strong and my mind was motivated & sharp - these are things I don’t take for granted. I met some of my dream goals. I had some failures. I tested my limits. I learned a lot. I was brave. I can’t really ask for much more.

Stay tuned as I dream ahead to 2015.

Best of luck to everyone competing in some of the great Fall classics: NYC marathon, Ironman Florida & Arizona & much more!

Thanks for following along -