Ironman Hawaii: 2014


Kona, 2014, is in the books. My favorite challenge of the year I am already counting down the days until my next chance - 358!

First, a special dose of gratitude to Jesse Kropelnicki (my coach) for getting me to the start line with my best preparation. I was ready to go! Thanks to Jay Dicharry for keeping me strong, healthy & reminding me to have fun. Thanks a million, no a trillion, to my #1: Chris Corbin. xoxo

Onto the race - I will keep this brief.

Kona 2014 in 250 words or less (give or take):

Swim - “Whoops” is what I said to Chris climbing Palani at the start of the bike. Safe to say this was a “shocker” of swim. Not a great start.

Bike - Double “whoops!” I had some unfortunate luck (penalty) and an average ride that left me throwing a pity party the last 30 miles of the ride on the Queen K. For future races - stay in the moment & give your best. No pity parties allowed in Ironman.

Then I wanted to quit. I was embarrassed to be that far back in the race. I didn’t come to race for 25th. I wanted the opportunity to showcase my preparations & fitness. I ran into the change tent in T2 and contemplated dropping out for the first time ever. Then I thought, what would be more embarrassing, DNF for no good reason other than you are further back in the race than you hoped or finishing the race and giving your best on the run?

Run - I ran well. I had no excuse not to. It was my fastest marathon in Kona: 2:58! I ran from 25th place to 12th place.

The highlight of my day was not giving up when the cards weren’t in my favor. I hope when I finish my career I am known as someone who never gave up and always put up a good fight. Ironman has taught me to never throw in the towel, you just don’t know how you may feel a few miles down the road. Ending my day on a positive note and not giving up is one of the most important lessons in racing & in life.


Kona, I’m not done with you, yet!

It was a pleasure to toe the line among such amazing professionals & inspiring age-groupers. Congrats to everyone that was out there. A massive thanks to my family, friends & supporters for inspiring me to continue onwards and not to quit.

Lastly, my sponsors rock! They went above and beyond to make sure I had the best equipment and was able to give my best performance on October 11th, along with 364 other days of the year. Thanks for your belief in me & amazing products: Saucony, TREK, CLIF Bar, Big Sky Brewing, Bontrager, @corbinbrands, Giro, Kamut, Normatec, Oakley, QT2 Systems, Quarq, Rebound Physio, Speedplay Pedals, SRAM, Squadra & TYR = Team Corbin!

Thanks for following along!

All the best,