Dear 2015,

Dear 2015, 

Let’s go ahead and be honest with each other. You’re not playing very nice and I’m not going to give up. So, one of us is going to have to cave. My first words were “I do it, I do it,” and not a lot has changed since then, so I don’t really like your chances on this one.  

In my nine previous years of racing as a professional triathlete, I have never traveled to an Ironman race and not been able to start the race. That’s until you showed up, and now it’s happened twice in the same year. Although the trips to South Africa and Texas were beautiful & memorable, it’s the racing that I truly love. 

I have now put in two separate Ironman builds and have failed to reach the water on race day. You can imagine how happy this makes me.

Your first surprise was the unknown “Superbug” in South Africa, (good one). Most recently, the latest being a pulled hip flexor (according to Monday’s MRI). In both instances, with the guidance of medical professionals (thank you Dr. Kilian and Dr. Johnson), you’ve forced me to make the gut-wrenching decision to withdrawal from this weekends race: Ironman Texas.
Well, I wanted to let you know... I’m taking you one day at time. I’m not regretting past decisions and I’m staying in the moment. I also wanted to remind you I’m not giving up. I have an amazing support crew of sponsors and fans, and I don't recommend messing with them either. 

Finally, best of luck to all those taking 2015 by the reigns this weekend. When it starts to hurt, I mean really hurt, just think how much better it feels than not racing. 

Here's to health & happiness. 2015, I am not done with you yet. 

All the best, 

Linsey Corbin