Bucked off the horse

Hello to all of you,

I just wanted to give you a quick and dirty (yes - we camped, so we were dirty!) update from the Wildflower triathlon over the weekend. I wish I was reporting in on the dream race that I was planning on, but to sum it up - I pretty much got bucked off the horse. Big time.

I had a great swim exiting with the main pack. Yes! This is great news for me.

I managed to leave my cycling legs at home in Montana and proceeded to have an embarrassing (for me!) cycling portion of the event. This was very frustrating, as cycling is my strength. I moved backwards throughout the ride from 5th to 12th. Ouch! This was hard both mentally and physically.

The highlight of the day was the run. It would have been easy to drop out of the race as I was out of the money at the start of the run. However, when the run features naked aid stations, boozed and buzzed college students, and a challenging terrain, I knew I had to give the 13.1 miles a go. I put my head down and plowed my way up as far as I could to a respectable (but not fabulous) 7th place finish.

While the race results was upsetting for me, I am encouraged to know that no matter how my race is going I always put up a good fight - whether it is for a podium finish or a 7th place finish - Linsey Corbin will never give up! It was great to share the Wildflower experience with several of my sponsors, my family and coach. This is a race I have set out to win, so I will be back.

I am taking a few days recovery at home in Montana before I turn my focus to Ironman Coeur D’Alene training. Next up: June 6th - Kansas 70.3.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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