An August Update

It’s time for an August update!

I ventured to the East Coast (something I should do more of, but haven’t) to race Timberman 70.3 last weekend. Timberman has always been on my bucket list as a “must-do” event. I thought it would be a great opportunity to test my fitness and well, gain some fitness. I look at all racing as opportunities to learn something new, go faster than you would in training, and hopefully be in contention for the win.

After spending a few days in Madison, WI at Trek World (worthy of an entire blog post in itself) - we arrived in New Hampshire on Wednesday of race week. Much earlier than I normally I arrive for a 70.3 event. We took the few days to take in all the green trees, pretty roads, nice lakes, and charm that NH has to offer. I trained on the course everyday and really enjoy the climbs, twists, turns, clear waters and really nice people.

As for my race - I will keep it short and sweet. I came 3rd and I am pretty satisfied with the result. I logged some big miles & then added the travel & a busy week prior at Trek into the mix - which left me lacking a bit of luster on race day. The swim was good - I executed some decent dolphin dives to find myself in a good position at the start. I just didn’t quite seal the deal when the fast feet went by me. I was 1:30 down on the lead out of the water and set to work aboard my Trek Speed Concept. I felt I was riding pretty aggressively, but Heather (the eventual race winner) was riding really strong and every 10 miles or so she was adding more and more time to her lead. I knew it would come down to a foot race. My favorite part of the race was the run course. It was two loops, fairly hilly, energetic aid stations and right along the water. I did a good job of staying on task, giving a good effort and attempting to hold off the fleet-footed Cait Snow. In the end, I finished up 3rd with a strong result. You can check out my race-day video made via iPhone (thanks @corbinbrands!) above.

A few other highlights of the race was hanging out with the lovebirds - (good friends) Matt & Jen. It was also great to see some of the Saucony & Striderite crew in action. I also had the best chocolate milk of my life from Bartlett Farm Dairy. It came in a glass bottle and would be worth the trip back, just for that. I also had my first ever geocaching experience. It pretty much is like a treasure hunt for adults. Now take competitive adults like myself & Chris - and you can only imagine the fun that ensued.

I am back in Montana continuing my preparations for the 70.3 Worlds & Ironman Worlds which will take place in September and October. Yesterday I had a nice 20-mile run in the morning and Chris & I took to the river by the afternoon. We ended up going fish-for-fish and I was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire time.

Thanks for the read & I will check back in soon.


Linsey Corbin