The Cycling House   Linsey Corbin training camp 2013


Come join the fun in beautiful Tucson, Arizona for the 3rd Annual Linsey Corbin triathlon camp this winter.

The Cycling House will be hosting the 3rd Annual Linsey Corbin Triathlon Camp in Tucson, Arizona: January 29 - February 3, 2013.

Your training partners will be pro triathletes Linsey Corbin and Brendan Halpin. The camp will focus on cycling, but it wouldn’t be a tri camp without running and swimming. So, we’ll have some great trail runs lined up and swim sessions on tap as well. After dinner you’ll have the chance to get answers for all the questions you’ve ever had about what’s the best way to fuel for an Ironman or how does one plan their season to peak at important races. There will also be time for relaxing, enjoying some Tucson sunshine, indulging in Chef Drew’s cooking, and maybe chasing a javalena or two.

Finally, you’ll get the litany of The Cycling House services as well- like great food, fully supported rides, bike assembly, airport shuttles, and lots of fun!