4th place - Oceanside 70.3

I raced my 2nd race of the year - the Oceanside 70.3 - and came across the line with a solid 4th place finish.

The race was just that, solid!

In the past I haven’t had a HUGE liking to this event, mainly because I am not a fan of the cold. Brrrrrr!  However, the sun came out for the race and I had a solid showing, so I think I will have to come back to improve on my performance.

The highlight of my race was the swim! Yup, the swim. I made a few tactical changes from how I have “raced” the swim in the past - and what do you know?! I was right in the thick of THE main pack. What a treat. I will say Chris was watching from the dock and commented to another spectating friend that I was way off the back. Little did he know!!!! To his surprise, I came out of the water in the 5th place or so. Chris proudly tweeted to the world, “Easter Miracle!” The truth is, it was no miracle, just a lot of hard work and not being a knuckle head smile. Now, let’s just hope I can do it again and again. I am 2 for 2 this year. Thanks, TYR!

I felt a bit blah on the 56 ride. Not my normal spunky self! But, my Trek was dialed in beautifully thanks to Mark Andrews & the Trek crew. I hung right in with a few of the main players of the race - Heather Jackson, Heather Wurtele, etc… In a dream world, I would have liked to dig a bit deeper and try and break away from the fleet-footed Heathers, as they are both in fine form right now! I was happy to come off the bike in the top-5 and within striking distance of the win. Thanks Trek, Bontrager, SRAM & Quarq!

The run at Oceanside is one of my favorites on the circuit. The fan support is pretty crazy and I think it’s safe to say we all bolted out of transition in a tight group and at a very hot pace. Things settled in after few miles in and I found myself in 3rd - thanks Saucony! I was hoping to hold onto that final podium spot, but the Scottish Rocket - Leslie Patterson - lived up to her knickname and rocketed right on past me at a pace I had no business matching in the last few miles.

In the end, it was a 4th place finish for me at Oceanside 70.3!

All in all - I am happy. A solid performance, right where I need to be this time of year, and I have noted a few things I would like to work on between now and my next event.

Immediately after the race I got to indulge in some In N’ Out Burger. Yummmmmmm! My next indulgence was celebrating our dear friend, Aaron’s, 50th birthday! Thanks for the spoils, A! The last indulgence was spending time riding fast bikes! Trek spoiled a few of us for a couple of days following the race doing some media work. I love fast!

My adventures are continuing as I head to Santa Monica for a bit - my main goal is to spend some quality time in the pool with Gerry Rodrigues & the Tower 26 swim program. I also hope to check out some of the epic bike rides I have heard so much about.

Thanks for tuning in and all the race-day cheers. Also, a big thank you to my wonderful sponsors for the enduring support! No race report would be complete without a shout out to the super-husband, Chris - who relentlessly supports, encourages and feeds my never-ending pursuit of excellence.

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