I have made my way South, to Tucson, for a nice winter training block.

Last year, my friend Brendan Halpin, warned me. He said - you leave Missoula for one winter, you won’t stay for another. And so, we find ourselves again in Tucson, this time for 12 weeks (last year it was 8).

I have been coming to Tucson off and on since 2005 for assorted training camps. The weather in Tucson is ideal this time of year - its still chilly in the mornings but warms up to quite nice during the day time. There is a wide variety of athletes training here, some are here only a few weeks, some for the winter, and others live here full time. There is also the LC Triathlon camp at The Cycling House at the end of the month to look forward to.

On that note - there is plenty of work to be done! I am spending this week getting my legs under me again and the theme for the week is: “I am more fit today than I was yesterday.”

It is taking a lot of patience - as someone who always wants instant results, right here, right now. I love to go fast and be the best athlete I can be, so I keep reminding myself to be patient and be nice to myself as I find my way back to fit. Besides, a good blow up and huffing and puffing is good for the soul, right?

Until next week - enjoy what you do.