Happy to be joining the Trek family!

I am not sure if you remember purchasing your first bike, but I sure do remember purchasing mine.

It was Christmas of 2004. I was home from college visiting my parents. I gathered up all my holiday money from my mom & dad and my grandparents (thanks, guys!) and my dad took me to Sunnyside Sports in Bend. It didn’t take long in the shop before I set eyes on my first ever bike. There she was: the Trek 5600 in royal blue and silver sitting on the second shelf looking out over the shop. We took it out for a spin (albeit the snowy ground) and there was no question that this bike would be going home with me that afternoon. It was like driving a ferrari compared to Chris’ hand-me-down bike I had been borrowing all summer. The bike pretty much rode itself across the parking lot, zipped itself up the hill and sprinted around the neighborhood. Grinning from ear-to-ear, I rushed back into the shop as I carefully counted out my holiday money to the shop owner before committing to the most expensive purchase I had ever made. I loved that bike. I have very fond memories of the adventures we shared.  I rode it bike touring with my parents across the state of Idaho. I rode it in some of my first triathlons with clip-on aerobars. I rode it to my summer job. I rode it in my first ever bike race. A year later, I was hooked into triathlons and I was ready for my first triathlon bike. My first stop was the Trek dealer in Missoula, where I purchased a ruby-red Trek Equinox.

Fast forward to 2011. I am a professional triathlete, looking to be the best in the sport. If I could ride any bike on the market, what would it be? A Trek, of course!

I am excited to announce that I am officially part of the Trek family. I’ve come full circle and I couldn’t be happier to be aboard the Speed Concept for the coming years.

A press release can be found here.

Exciting times to come. Thanks for the support - see you on the road!


PS - we can thank John Segesta for the sweet pic! More to come…