The summer of the 3 P’s


I get to race the 70.3 World Championships on Sunday in Las Vegas.

The key word in that sentence is GET to. I get to race. On Sunday! (insert Linsey jumping up and down in a hyper state) Generally I have found, just when we start to get comfortable with things, take things for granted, and make assumptions is when you get the carpet yanked out from right underneath you.

I haven’t had the opportunity to race since I started Ironman Texas in May. That’s a long time. My pretty blue Saucony jersey got dusty. I’ve missed my flash Zipp wheels. The summer of 2011 will go down as one of patience, perspective, and perseverance.

Patience: Why can’t we just be? All summer I found myself trying to squish myself into a round hole all while being shaped like a square. The minute I just let go – and was able to be: be patient with myself, be patient with my body, be patient in mind & spirit – it was like a rainbow and pot of gold appeared. Time really is on my side.

Perspective: In July we saw the passing of my Grandpa Norm. A rock to the entire family. And just last week we saw the birth of my new (and only!) niece: Orly B. Frank. Go Dana & Scott!

Perseverance: I still stand by the tried and true; never, ever, ever give up. Be relentless in all you do.

And so – I GET to start the race on Sunday as healthy & happy. My family will be there as well. I can’t think of three more important things.

Off to the races – yahoooo! Check back in on Saturday for a looky-look at my pre-race motivation.


PS – If you are in Las Vegas, come say hello. I will be at the Zipp/SRAM booth at 1pm on Friday signing posters, giving free high-5’s, and spreading the Viva Las Vegas love!