Are you a professional triathlete racing Ironman Arizona?


Hello -

This is an open letter to the professional triathletes racing Ironman Arizona next weekend. I don’t have all your contacts - so here goes:

On a long run a few weeks back I came up with an idea—and I am asking for your support next weekend.

I am sure many of you are aware of the passing of Sally Meyerhoff in March of this year. Sally was a big contributor to the Phoenix-area running & triathlon communities, and thus her loss has been felt deeply throughout these communities. Like many of us racing next weekend, Sally was a young & talented professional athlete; she was hard-working, positive, caring, vibrant, out-going, and a great promoter of health & fitness.

In fact, Sally volunteered and watched several of the Ironman Arizona events, and quite possibly cheered you on along the way.

A foundation has been set up in her honor: The Sally Meyerhoff Foundation, which provides opportunities for distance runners and triathletes to pursue their dreams by helping with things like race entries, travel expenses, and equipment.

I was thinking it would be great to do something to
a.) honor Sally as a thank-you to the local triathlon & running communities who give so much to the Ironman
b.) to raise awareness for Sally’s foundation.

After talking with Hillary Biscay, we came up with the idea: wouldn’t it be great to try and get the entire pro field to wear Sally Meyerhoff pink bracelets (similar to the LiveStrong bands)—see attached photo. There would be no cost/donation associated with wearing the bands—all we’d have to do is simply wear them. Easy!

Yes, even the men can pull off the pink look.

Amateur athletes, fans & supporters can purchase the bands to wear themselves on race day with the proceeds going directly to the Sally Meyerhoff Foundation. The bands are available online, at the race expo, TRIBE Multisport & Triple Sports. We are hoping that we can create enough attention through our efforts that many will be inspired to contribute.

So, I am asking for your support in racing with a pink bracelet next Sunday. You can even take it one step further and share with those that ask what you are doing and why (via Twitter, FB, blog or word of mouth).

I will have the bands to hand out at the pro meeting; I think we have the opportunity to make a big impact if we can get every single professional to race with a band on.

I have spoken with a few of you that are racing, and I know there are several of us behind the idea. If you have any questions, please contact either myself or Hillary Biscay - and we will see you next week.

Happy tapering,

Linsey Corbin