6 items in my Power House

I am a CycleOps Powered athlete.

I got my first power tap in 2006 one month after I did my first Ironman. Since then my collection of power products has increased. I thought I would share with you what CycleOps products I use if not daily, at least weekly.

1. Joule 2.0 -  This is my go-to bike computer. The easy to read, customizable display lets you know everything: power, cadence, heart rate, temperature, climbing. The only thing it can’t do is fix you up a soy latte.

2. Joule 3.0 - This is the computer I use for indoor cycling to control my Powerbeam Pro Trainer (see below).

3. Power Beam Pro - This is my training staple. At least once a week, if not more, I am ticking away the miles on this indoor trainer. The beauty of this trainer is that it is power-based training. You punch in your goal watts and go for it. You can also add in the element of “slope” and the trainer creates a true feeling of climbing a hill. It’s quiet, reliable, easy to use, and if used properly - there is no way your cycling won’t improve. Bold statement, I know.

4. Power Tap SL+ - This is what measures my power output. Built into the hubs of all my Zipp wheels, I use the SL+ hub in my race wheels and training wheels.

5. Power Agent - This is the computer software that my coach and I use to record, store, and analyze all my power data. Its a great way to measure some of my staple training sessions (like the 30 minute time trial effort) and look for improvements and ways to make me a better athlete.

6. Cycle Ops Customer Service - These guys rock! They rock so much they are on speed dial in my phone. They nearly always answer on the first ring, are happy to solve all my technical questions, and are more than willing to replace any and all parts. Two thumbs up to this crew!