Aloha from Kona, Hawaii!!

I came over to the Island with my mom over two weeks ago to put the final finishing touches on my Ironman Hawaii prep. The work has been done and the race is less than a week away. Exciting!!

I like coming over early to Kona to train and prepare for the race. Last year I feel that maybe I came out to Kona a bit too early. Race day came and I was tanked. This year, I wanted to make some changes with my approach to the race. On October 9th I want to be fit & fresh!! Arriving over two weeks ago gave me plenty of time to get used to the whipping winds, the humidity and the heat of Kona. The conditions here are harsh, there is no doubt about it. My first workout day here was a 3 hour long session, and I managed to sweat out 5 pounds. This was a great lesson in nutrition and hydration. As I ticked off my sessions, I was sweating more efficiently and feeling more and more at home on the Ironman course.

And now, the hay is in the barn. It is less than a week until the Ironman and I am in a great place. Relaxed, healthy, fit, fresh, happy, Living Aloha! I have been getting daily massage, thanks to Gary. My mom has accompanied me along the way and this has been a great time for us. Just a few days ago, Team Corbin was complete as Chris Corbin arrived!!

I actually love the week leading up to the Ironman. Its a big social extravaganza as I get to catch up with many friends that I only get to see once a year. Its also wonderful to catch up with my wonderful sponsors who continue to support me in so many ways. Race week all the sponsors step it up to a whole new level, as it is the World Championships!! I love interacting with other athletes and seeing the Ironman spirit come alive in Kona town. Sure, people are silly: running around town in compression, arm sleeves, Speedos, spandex, the list goes on and on - but the truth is, I would want it no other way.

Leading up to my departure for Kona, I looked back and watched many of the NBC broadcasts of past Ironman Hawaii’s. Wow. There were some awful fashion mis-haps from the 80’s. More importantly, there is a great history here - and to watch Mark Allen & Dave Scott, Karen Smyers, Paula Newby-Fraser, Erin Baker, Welchie, Normaan Stadler, and most recently Craig & Chrissie. We all race the same course. We all endure the same painful journey. Size, age, fitness level, gender, experience - it doesn’t matter. We all go through the Ironman peaks and valleys. On Saturday, we will all take on Kailua Bay, face the fierce cross-winds up Hawi, and we will all slug it out up Palani hill, just like all the previous Ironman greats have. This place is a sacred one, and I am so grateful to be here and surrounded by a great support network.

Many thanks to my mom, Ma P! We have had a great visit together and I am so lucky to have shared this time with her. Not long, and Pa P will be out here as well. I hope to see many of you running up & down Allii, swimming in the bay, or cycling away on the Queen K this week. Best wishes as we head into race week - lets make it a memorable one!

Linsey Corbin