An update! Three things.


I fell off the update train the past few months, but my full intention is hopping back on in full force. So here goes!

I really want to tell everyone that’s reading about my latest salad obsession. We can thank my dad & sister for inspiring! Logically, before I can tell you about that, I figured it would be best to work my way backwards on the updates I have been meaning to write about.

First order of business: KONA 2013

In case you didn’t hear the good word - I snuck my way into the top-10 at this years Ironman World Championship! What a race!!! I had a nail biter of a finish running my way from 17th off the bike and passing from 11th to 10th place with 1/4 mile to go in the marathon. I have to say, I absolutely love racing in Kona and each October, I am truly grateful that I get to test my limits on the Big Island. This is a phrase I found myself using a lot in my Kona preparations this year: testing my limits. Physical limits. Emotional limits. Personal limits. 

Since this is a 3-in-1 update, I figured I would just provide a *brief* snapshot of my 2013 Kona experience. The highlight for me was getting to the starting line in one piece and having a solid day. As most loyal Linsey Corbin followers know - my running this year has been super limited due to on-and-off injury. From March through September I wasn’t firing on all cylinders. This is new territory for me. On September 21st, after 6+ weeks in a walking boot and not a step of running, I had the pleasure of connecting with Jay Dicharry in Bend, Oregon at the REP Lab. Jay became a wealth of inspiration as I plowed ahead in my Kona prep. He put humpty dumpty back together again and most importantly - he kept humpty dumpty together, all with an infectious positive-can-do attitude. This was just what I needed to be around!

Race day arrived and I was toeing the line for my 8th time in Kona. My longest run before the race was 9 miles. However, what I lacked in run miles I made up for in strength & power. Jay was convinced I’d be running close to a 3 hour marathon. I had doubt, but tabled those thoughts and did my best to stay process oriented on the day. I had a career best Kona swim which was reason enough to celebrate. I stuck to my plan on the bike and made it to the marathon ready to execute. The marathon this year proved to be one of my favorite Ironman runs I’ve ever had. I felt strong the entire run, moving my way up the entire 26.2. With just a few miles to go I was in 13th position and started running like a possessed person. I am sure I was grunting, snotting everywhere, and it was in no means “pretty.” Top-10 was in sight and I was on a mission! At the top of Palani hill, with a mile to go, I was in 11th and 10th was right there. Chris, my parents, Jay, Elliot, friends, sponsors, all cheering like crazy! Everyone’s support lifted me to a performance I wasn’t sure I had in myself in that closing mile. It’s only the second time I have skipped grabbing the cowboy hat… Shoot! All in all, I am extremely grateful for another Kona experience. 3 weeks before the race I was filled with doubt & uncertainty. Once again my body showed me that it’s capable of much more than we give it credit for. I truly tested limits that Saturday. A huge & heartfelt thanks for everyone that personally & professionally helped me out in those few weeks before the race!

P.S. I ran a 3:04 marathon. You can read about it here on Jay’s blog.

Second order of business: OFF-SEASON

I was on the typical post-Ironman adrenaline high that week after Kona and felt sure that I had another remarkable Ironman performance in me. This was, of course, with a few beachside beers in the belly in Maui. However, after being home in Montana for a few weeks - I realize that my reality may be a bit different. The truth is, Kona took more out of me than prior years (mainly due to my limited running this year). Mentally I am being drawn to Fall hikes in the Montana mountains, hot chocolate, and anything & everything that involves pumpkin. My swims, bikes & runs have been lacking my usual luster. For the first time in 4 years I have decided to not start Ironman Arizona this weekend. I feel there are only so many special Ironman performances in my body, and the signs have been delivered on multiple occasions the past few weeks that a Fall Ironman is not meant to be in 2014. So, onward I march into a much needed off-season. It’s time for a reboot and I am excited about the prospects that are ahead.


The whole reason that inspired this update is this fabulous Fall salad that’s appeared multiple times in the past month. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Corbo’s Fall Kale Salad - serves 4-6

For the Salad:
2 bunches of Kale - thinly sliced. I used two types (“Dino/Lacinato” & “Curly”)
1 delicata sqaush - sliced and roasted
1 cup of cubed & roasted butternut squash
1 persimmon - seeded
1/2-3/4 cup of gorgonzola cheese

Combine in a large bowl

For the nuts:
1 handful of pecans or walnuts
2-3 Tbsp of brown sugar

Toast nuts in a pan over medium heat on the stove. Sprinkle with brown sugar and toss until the sugar is melted. Lay the covered nuts out on parchment paper or aluminum and let cool.

For the dressing:
1 lemon - squeezed
Olive oil - same amount as squeezed lemon juice
1 clove of chopped garlic
1 Tbsp of stone ground mustard
Salt & pepper to taste

Combine everything in a mason jar or tupperware and shake vigorously.

Combine all the ingredients, dress salad and served immediately. Makes a great leftover, too!

As always, thanks a million to Chris, Madison, my family, training partners & friends, Matt Dixon & amazing sponsors for the unconditional support.

Alright, that’s a lengthy update. Reason #247 that I should post more often!

Here’s to more regular updates & a great off-season. I hope everyone is resting up and getting excited for 2014 plans!


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